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Compulsory Blockchain Post

The new buzzword of 2017 and 2018 – Blockchain! The technology is being touted to solve everything and disrupt every industry, but what really is under the hood and why should you care? I spent a lot of time thinking about the technology and what’s real and what’s hype…and hopefully this post will help you better understand why the technology does hold so much promise.

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Update - Apple PHR

Quick (delayed) update from the previous post – looks like I was spot on with the prediction…11 days after the original post, Apple launched a new health effort where it’ll begin compiling health data through FHIR into the Health app. First step is compiling the records, next step will be transforming the industry. Stay tuned!

Link to Techcrunch article for more info


Bold Prediction for 2018: Apple and Google PHR

With the new year, comes new predictions. In an effort to better crystallize my thoughts around the future of healthcare, I’ve been thinking about how the internet giants will continue to expand their offerings in healthcare. This line of thinking has led me to believe that Google and Apple, in 2018, will launch patient health records (PHR) embedded into iOS and Android.

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Cryptocurrency - a Few Thoughts

There’s probably thousands of posts on the subject already on the internet – and nothing said in this post should be new thoughts or information, but I’ve found it to be helpful to write down my thoughts, forcing me to articulate my thinking on the subject. That being said – onto the post!

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, and I, unfortunately, believe there will be a big crash in the future. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. have grown in such high value, that it can’t be sustainable (until there is a killer use-case for them).

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Free Agency

Free Agency, it’s a normal part of sports and really a beautiful concept. The idea that after the grueling season, you get some time to talk to different teams and figure out where you might be the best fit. Although I didn’t start this process with that mindset – I’m starting to understand the beauty of it more and more. For some context – I recently left my role at VigLink without anything else lined up! I recently got married decided this would be a great time to change things up professionally.

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Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is not a new concept. You can find countless blogs and articles talking about this occurrence in software engineering as well as most specialized fields. The feeling of not knowing everything is understandable…since there is always something new out there. A new programming language, a new way to build your code, a new editor to use, etc. And it does help to know that most everyone feels this multiple times a week, helps make it easier to deal with on a regular basis.

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I’ve been thinking about Journalism a lot lately. As many are aware, the industry has been in trouble for a few years now. Readership and subscriptions are down at every local newspaper, and increased dependence on advertisements are way up. Many local newspapers have had to shut down or severely decrease their staff. This is not good for the future. Where we get our news is a strong pillar of democracy. We must be informed to be able to make wise decisions about big issues like war and pollution, as well as seemingly insignificant issues like installing a stop sign at the corner.

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Although this may seem like its been discussed a lot recently, I’ve been thinking more and more about upgrading my iPad 2. I recently got back from Japan, and it was great traveling without a computer – but I’ve found that I generally only use my tablet when I travel. And it’s only if I don’t have my computer with me. The tablet was great back when my laptop’s batteries didn’t last as long. But what’s the use of them anymore?

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Economist and UFOs

I usually visit Economist.com a couple of times per week – generally a great place to catch up on world headlines. Recently, I came across an article they posted about UFO sightings. In it, they analyze data from the National UFO Reporting Centre about reported UFO sightings from the US – breaking it down by time of day. Basically they allude that there is a peak in reported sightings during “Drinking Hours”. While I agree most sightings (if not all) do require some added influence of some sort (i.e. alcohol) – there are confounding variables that may also lead to increased sightings in the evenings. A few additional reasons include –

  • During Working Hours, most people are indoors and busy
  • It is easier to spot things in the sky at night
  • During Sleeping Hours – most people are asleep (indoors, preoccupied, unable to watch the sky)

So it makes perfect sense that most reported sightings are during “Drinking Hours”. That also happens to be the time that its best to notice things in the sky and also the time when most people are able to be outside and focus on things outside of working or sleeping. It’s always interesting to me when a trusted publication like the Economist makes blatant errors in reporting and statistics – but goes to show analysis errors are all around us.

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Hello World

Hello, World! Welcome to my blog. This is something I’ve been talking about doing for some time now – and so it feels really good to finally get it off the ground. (Thank you Octopress for making it so easy!) On this blog I hope to have an outlet for thoughts and ramblings I have. Hopefully people read it and find it helpful – but honestly I mainly want to use this as a way to get better at writing out my thoughts. Enjoy.

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