Hello World


Hello, World! Welcome to my blog. This is something I’ve been talking about doing for some time now – and so it feels really good to finally get it off the ground. (Thank you Octopress for making it so easy!) On this blog I hope to have an outlet for thoughts and ramblings I have. Hopefully people read it and find it helpful – but honestly I mainly want to use this as a way to get better at writing out my thoughts. Enjoy.

As for the subject areas I plan to cover – it really will be all over the place:

  • news
  • technology
  • sports
  • san francisco
  • traveling
  • food/eating
  • coding
  • machine learning/statistics
  • advertising
  • anything else
  • the world

As you can see, this is a rather expansive list…especially the last 2 – there really should be something for everyone. So with that, let’s get this started.