Free Agency


Free Agency, it’s a normal part of sports and really a beautiful concept. The idea that after the grueling season, you get some time to talk to different teams and figure out where you might be the best fit. Although I didn’t start this process with that mindset – I’m starting to understand the beauty of it more and more. For some context – I recently left my role at VigLink without anything else lined up! I recently got married decided this would be a great time to change things up professionally.

The more I think about it, everyone should do a “free agency” period throughout their careers. Although I’m only doing this now…after I’ve gained enough confidence in my skills and ability to get another job when needed – it has turned out to be even more rewarding than initially imagined. The thought of constantly bouncing from one job to the next, without a clear understanding of where I wanted to be in 5 or 10 years is part of the reason that I chose to enter “free agency”. But one of the main driving factors was also not exactly knowing what I wanted to do next. It’s hard enough working a full-time job and trying to interview at a couple of places…and most people (in the tech industry) rely on recruiters to reach out to them about interesting jobs. But there are so many awesome opportunities out there – and the only way to find them is through searching for them or getting connected to them through friends/acquaintances.

Basically the past month has been spent searching through the web for interesting companies, using AngelList and LinkedIn to make connections and setting up multiple phone chats/coffee meetings. Although it has been stressful at times, most weeks have been very rewarding! The chance to really think about the next role and imagine yourself there for 4 to 5 years is exciting. After bouncing from roles after 2 or 3 years – I’m excited at figuring out where I’ll land. And a great added perk has been the ability to connect with old friends and coworkers that I haven’t chatted with in a long time. Hearing what others are up to and catching up has been one of the best ways to sort out what I want to do next – and learning about new opportunities.

So if you have the opportunity to take 1-2 months off of work and are thinking of changing things up professionally, I highly recommend entering free agency! It’s a full-time job networking and interviewing, but highly rewarding.